PowerSchool Parent Portal Help

The Hermitage School District is please to make the PowerSchool Parent Portal available to our parents.  You should have received a letter containing an account code for each of your students, as well as your student's login credentials.  Please keep this code in a safe place as it does not expire and can be used to create additional accounts.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you login to your student's account and change their password even if they are young or may not use the account.  If you do not change their password, their portal account and their records could be accessed.  Once logged in, go to the 'Account Preferences' option to change the password.

For instructions on using the portal, or to see what features are available to you, please review this user guide.

District Mission

"The Mission of the Hermitage School District is to educate our students to become motivated and responsible citizens.  We will graduate students who are critical thinkers, effective problem solvers, strong communicators and creative individuals.  Our students will use literacy, writing and technology as tools to contribute and compete in a diverse society."

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